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Television Show Avatars

  Alcatraz Television 21 Avatars  
  Arrow Television 148 Avatars  
  Astro Boy Television 290 Avatars  
  Awake Television 23 Avatars  

  Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries Television 90 Avatars  

  Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, The Television 28 Avatars  
  Comic Book Men Television 16 Avatars  

  Do No Harm Television 25 Avatars  
  Doctor Who Television 1000 Avatars  
  Doctor Who: Specials Television 280 Avatars  

  Earth: Final Conflict Television 155 Avatars  
  Elementary Television 12 Avatars  

  Farscape Television 488 Avatars  
  Firefly Television 135 Avatars  
  Fraggle Rock Television 32 Avatars  
  Freakshow Television 25 Avatars  

  Grimm Television 25 Avatars  
  Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor Television 23 Avatars  

  Heroes Television 210 Avatars  

  MacGyver Television 160 Avatars  
  Mortal Kombat: Conquest Television 190 Avatars  
  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Television 68 Avatars  

  Out There Television 25 Avatars  

  Phantom, The Television 80 Avatars  
  Pretender, The Television 18 Avatars  
  Primeval Television 100 Avatars  
  Primeval: New World Television 82 Avatars  

  River, The Television 29 Avatars  
  Robot Chicken Television 583 Avatars  
  Robot Chicken: Star Wars Specials Television 300 Avatars  

  SeaQuest DSV Television 177 Avatars  
  Sherlock Television 65 Avatars  
  Smallville Television 995 Avatars  
  Smurfs, The Television 61 Avatars  
  South Park Television 135 Avatars  
  Star Trek: The Original Series Television 305 Avatars  
  Star Trek: The Animated Series Television 133 Avatars  
  Star Trek: The Next Generation Television 1140 Avatars  
  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Television 37 Avatars  
  Star Trek: Voyager Television 107 Avatars  
  Star Trek: Enterprise Television 1140 Avatars  
  Star Wars: Clone Wars Television 130 Avatars  
  Star Wars: The Clone Wars Television 20 Avatars  
  Stargate: SG-1 Television 1040 Avatars  
  Stargate: Atlantis Television 340 Avatars  
  Stargate: Universe Television 50 Avatars  
  Supernatural Television 230 Avatars  

  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Television 125 Avatars  
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Television 50 Avatars  
  Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles Television 30 Avatars  
  Torchwood Television 430 Avatars  
  Transformers: Generation 1 Television 150 Avatars  
  Transformers: Beast Wars Television 197 Avatars  

  Voltron: Lion Force Television 452 Avatars  

  Walking Dead, The Television 125 Avatars  

  X-Files, The Television 52 Avatars  

  Zero Hour Television 30 Avatars  

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