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About the Avatar Continuum

Many years ago I created a few avatars to use with online chat programs, storing them on my personal website so I wouldn't lose them, and letting my friends access them as well. Those few avatars quickly turned into dozens, hundreds, then thousands. When they went over 10,000 in number it was clear that they needed a website of their own, and the Avatar Continuum was created.

The Avatar Continuum has constantly grown over the years. It's been redesigned several times and has thousands of avatars added every year. There are a few things that will never change however. The first thing I won't compromise on is the fact I have created every single avatar on this website myself. A very slow process as I have to purchase the required video, take screenshots while viewing it, then editing those screenshots into avatars afterwards.

The second thing that will never change at the Avatar Continuum is that you will never find any advertising or popups anywhere on this website. There's also no signing up to access the website, and no forms to fill in. The only thing you will ever find at the Avatar Continuum is avatars. Because of this, I rely on those who visit this website to spread the word about it. If you enjoy this website please tell your friends it exists.

If you were to do a google search for avatars and check out some of the other websites out there, chances are half the websites are more interested in trying to make money with advertising and popups as much as they were about providing you with avatars. Those avatars might also have some kind of identification mark on them to show they came from that website. I find both these things ruin both the website and the avatars themselves, so they will never be found here.

Chances are these other websites won't have nearly as many as you will find here, even tho they have users submit the avatars for them where as I make these ones myself. It's a long and expensive process of purchasing the material I want to make avatars out of, watching it while taking screenshots, which are then edited into avatars and uploaded for everyone.

The Avatar Continuum really is the best source for avatars anywhere on planet Earth.




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